Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

I have some advanced expertise in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Below are some of the solutions AI/ML based solutions you can get from me

  • Search Engine:- A question answering system that answers questions posed to it in English. The input is a corpus of text which the machine shall ingest based on which the answer in English shall be supplied.
  • Question Generation System:- The system ingests a body of text and generates questions based on this text.
  • PDF Parse Machine Learning:- The system ingests well-formed PDFs and scanned PDFs using OCR. It extracts content from text and images into a structured form
  • eLearning Recommendation Engine:- The system recommends videos to the user based on his usage and profile.
  • Resume Filter:- The system recommends whether a particular resume fits a particular role.
  • Predictive Analysis:- The system does failure analysis for a machinery plant.


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