Project Management Services

I am Versed With....

The traditional as well as the latest techniques of Project Management, which include-

  • Waterfall Method – This is a linear approach undertaken for rather simplistic requirements. If your project requirement can dwell on a method that uses Requirement Analysis, Designing, Development, Testing and QA, and Deployment phases in that order, then Waterfall is the way to go for you and we at Tekolutions are masters of the process.
  • Agile Approach- This is the most widely used method today and works well with development strategies that do not need a sequential method. Our project team at Tekolutions can present a version of the project that completely covers the requirements, and then through rigorous scrum meetings, the latest version can be improved upon.
  • Hybrid Methodology- In this approach, only the benefits of the above two are included, and so it is also dubbed as Structured Agile.

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