Principal Consultant
  • specializes in AI and ML enabled software, as well as software solutions
  • Tekolutions is into Technology Consulting for Startups and Established Businesses
    Product Conceptualization/ creation of flexible/ expandable software architecture to meet client requirements
  • Architecting, Designing & Developing applications across multiple industrial segments of e-Learning, Media, Healthcare, Telecom & Computer Systems
  • Software Architecture Stack
  • Rendering consultancy for product conceptualization, choice of the technology stack, system architecture and project execution.
  • Insightful experience in Project Management with vital contributions towards assessment of technologies, understanding business requirements and design of value propositions for customer requirements
  • Some Machine Learning Projects:
    Search Engine: A question answering system which answers questions posed to it in English. The input is a corpus of text which the machine shall ingest based on which the answer in English shall be supplied.
    Question Generation System: The system ingests a body of text and generates questions based on this text.
  • PDF Parse Machine Learning: The system ingests well-formed PDF and scanned PDF by using OCR. It extracts the content from text and images into a structured form
    eLearning Recommendation Engine. The system recommends videos to the user based on his usage and profile.
  • Resume Filter: The system recommends whether a particular resume fits for a particular role.
  • Predictive Analysis: The system does failure analysis for a machinery plant.
  • Advanced Recommendation System for Security Products
  • AI-based Medical Transcription System
    Deep Learning Chatbot: A Chatbot system based on Deep Learning which does natural language conversations.
  • CTO at Lokavidya Technologies (Educational Technology)
    CTO at Prodyogic Technologies (Healthcare AI)