Software Engineer

Telcordia Technologies

1999 – 2003

Network Configuration Manager: Network Management System for Inventory and provisioning of Layer 1, 2 and 3 networks. Led the team in Object Oriented Design and Development – developed Object-Oriented XML interface to the application using Corba for client-server programming, Apache’s XML parser was used. DTDs and Schema technologies were used for validating input and output contracts. The interface was a query into the application database and required knowledge about the underlying database schema. Conducted a pilot study demonstrating the conversion of existing Java code to conform to the J2EE platform
Environment: UNIX (HP-UX), Windows, Java, C++, Corba, J2EE, XML, Oracle, PVCS, XML Spy

Next Generation Networks (Service Data Manager): The Data group in Class 5 Soft Switch Solution for Call Processing. Involved in Object Oriented Design and Development for version 2.5 Service Data Manager (SDM) provisioning. Corba, Java and Oracle technologies were used to provision data. This data is used for in the Next Generation Networks’ Service Manager product for Call Processing. CutOver Server was developed using Corba to facilitate the transition by enabling older version clients to connect to new server applications.
Environment: UNIX (HP-UX), Windows, Java, C++, Corba, XML, Oracle, Continuus

Middleware Tools and Technology (BAE and TELEXEL): Messaging Software Systems enabled communications among various applications on single or multiple hardware platforms. Responsible for software development, testing and documentation: C/C++, k-shell and Java programming on the UNIX (AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, IBM Sequent, Linux) and Windows NT operating systems.
Environment: UNIX, Windows (AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, IBM Sequent, Linux), C++, Java, k-shell